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GRA Aid has changed name to Omid International and is now registered in the UK under the following registration number:
Company Registration number: 13726694

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SAVE at-risk women and targeted individuals,

SUPPORT their long-term integration into new communities,

and provide MENTORSHIP to empower them in the transition back to work.

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Our mission relies on three fundamental pillars.


We utilize unique resources and partnerships to remove vulnerable individuals and families from danger and coordinate their evacuation from the country when necessary.


We give lasting, compassionate support to the recently displaced people to develop self-sufficient integration into their new communities.


We empower them in the transition back to work. We provide training in English language, computing and other employability skills to give them a sense of purpose and support them to become self-sufficient.

Our work does not end here....

Providing employment opportunities for all is the single most effective means of tackling poverty and social exclusion. Employment enables individuals to improve their living standards; Having a job gives an individual a sense of purpose and an opportunity to meet new people and connect with others. The interactions that occur between employees can result in a number of factors that have a positive impact on employee wellbeing, including trust and social support.

Therefore, at the end of our mentorship program, our sister organization (GRA) in collaboration with other organizations in the UK provides employment to the female refugees that we have trained. 

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What we do


We save lives, fight poverty, provide education, achieve social justice, and fight for women and girls.

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“Firstly I am worried about myself because I am a girl, and also a woman journalist,” says Aisha, a prominent news anchor and political talk show host

Dozens of female Afghan journalists tell of a once free and bustling Kabul now filled with silence and fear as they destroy traces of their identity and work to avoid Taliban militants